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Endi Poskovic

Printmaker/Visual Artist, Assistant Professor of Art
Whittier College, Los Angeles, California, USA 
Camargo Foundation Fellowship: 1998 - Winter-Spring

Project: Creation of a series of large-size drawings and color woodcut prints that address a visual synthesis between an image and a word. The images such as a house, a vessel and a boat are metaphors for ideas about rituals, displacement, memory and homeland as related to recent events in Bosnia, Rwanda, Kosovo, Algeria and other war-affected places. The images are juxtaposed with a printed word, sometimes real, sometimes invented. Words such as égoiste, émoi (et moi), l'aventure, souffrance, antipathos and dinosauria, take on a new meaning when placed below the image. In this play between word and image the onlooker is all at once drawn in by recognition of both and startled by their seeming disconnection.